Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Manchester United Cup Song

What do you do when you're home alone with a take-out container before the Manchester United Liverpool match? Make a song of course! ;)
This is a tribute song to my favourite football team Manchester United and all the Manchester United fans across the world. Don't miss the bloopers at the end of the video;)
I  re-wrote my own lyrics to Anna Kendrick's "The Cup song"  as a tribute to my favourite team.

Sing along with the lyrics below:

We've got our ticket for the top of the league,
Chelsea can be on their way,
We've got a super team & we've got Van Haal's dream,
We're gonna get him his first trophy what'd you say

Chorus: We're going strong, we're going strong,
The whole world is cheering on,
We've got Adnan doing his best,
Persie , Rooney and the rest,
Hey!I can't name you all in this song

We got the devil and an Angel by our side,
He's the best buy of the season,
We beat the Spurs 3-0, we're celebrating our heros,
Soon the cup will be another reason..

We're going strong, we're going strong,
The whole world is cheering on,
We've got Mata doing his best,
Persie , Rooney and the rest,
Hey!I can't name you all in this song

We're going strong, we're going strong,
The whole world is cheering on,
We've got Falcao doing his best,
Persie , Rooney and the rest,
There ain't much that can go wrong..

Enjoy the song and do post your comments on what you think of it.Cheerio!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

The 6 Best Grammy 2015 Performances that you must watch

The Grammies 2015 just happened! Yaay! The biggest musical awards night that celebrates great talent across the globe. To summarize, Taylor Swift didn’t win anything, Sam Smith ruled the Grammies with the most wins, Kanye almost interrupted Becks “Album of the Year” win but luckily changed his mind , there were some awesome performances and some very socially relevant acceptance speeches.
We also had 2 winners from India..double Yaay! Ricky Kej (and Wouter Kellerman) won Best New Age Album for “Winds of Samsara” and Neela Vaswaani for “I am Malala” the audio book.
For those of you that missed watching, I’ve picked out my favourite 6 performances of the night you must not miss! Read on.

1>       ACDC (“Rock or Bust” , “Highway to Hell”)
The opening act at the Grammies showed us that no matter how old you get some music can never age! ACDC opened the night with an explosive performance of “Rock or Bust” ,followed by their evergreen hit “Highway to Hell” that had Katy Perry ,Lady Gaga and others nodding along in sync with Angus Young’s guitar. What a great start to the Grammies! I’m an ACDC fan and was singing along with wild abandon as I watched them on TV. It’s so refreshing to listen to some good rock music in recent times because bands aren’t really doing that kind of music anymore.  If you’re a fan of classic rock like I am, you’ll love this. Check out ACDC’s performance above’ll be blown away.

2>  Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett (“Cheek to Cheek”)
  Many of us haven’t heard Lady Gaga’s “real    voice”..because of the heavily processed dance  music that overpowers her vocals most of the time.  I assure you that when you do get the opportunity  to "really hear her sing", you’ll be  pleasantly  surprised. The lady has an amazing set  of pipes!  At the Grammies, she sang “Cheek to  Cheek” , a  beautiful jazzy duet with Tony  Bennett (which  won them a Grammy for the 'Best Traditional Pop  Vocal Performance') . Her voice was smoother  than a glass of premium scotch.  Before  critics/haters start writing this off as a one - off  performance, she proved her mettle again at the  Oscars with her tribute to the evergreen Sound of    Music soundtrack, that had even Julie Andrews in  tears. Lady Gaga, you never cease to amaze us.
 Watch the performance the crowd wouldn’t stop    going “gaga” about !

3>  Miranda Lambert (“Little Red Wagon”)
 I’ve never considered myself much of a country music loving person but Miranda Lambert’s performance made me reevaluate my opinion. I was glued to the screen till the very end of her performance. Blake Shelton’s wife can sure hold her own on the stage..Her rendition of her song “Little Red Wagon” was brilliant. It came as no surprise after that performance that she took home 2 Grammies that night for Best Country album and Best Country Song as Blake Shelton looked on with pride. Pretty interesting stuff..Gotta start listening to some more country music.

4>  Sam Smith and Mary J Blige (“Stay With Me”)
 There’s something very honest and innocent about   Sam Smith. I liked what he said in his Grammy  acceptance speech ,” I was making terrible music    when I was trying to get people to listen to me..but  it was only when I started being true to myself that  they finally heard”. When you’re true to your art  you create musical pieces that touch the soul. That  is exactly what Sam Smith did with his music  flooring the Grammy jury, taking home the most  coveted Grammy’s of the night for Best new  Artist, Song of the Year, Record of the Year,Best  Pop Vocal Album. His rendition of  “Stay with  Me” with the legendary Mary J Blige was soulful  and honest..just like the man he appears to be.

5>  Sia (“Chandelier”)
After years of writing hit songs for other singers     ( Beyonce, Rihanna, Britney & David Guetta to name a few ) the wonderfully talented Sia is finally getting her due. Unlike most attention seeking artists, Sia is somebody that shies away from the public eye..She prefers to let her music do the talking. 
Kriestan Wig and Maddie Ziglar danced and emoted her song "Chandelier" on stage, while the singer herself faced a wall as she sang; her back turned to the audience.
An unusual but refreshing change.
I think Chandelier is one of Sia's best works..and technically a very challenging song to sing.
Listen to her Grammy performance here.

6>  John Legend and Common(“Glory”)

 There’s a reason his last name is Legend. I hold this man in such high regard. I wish I could be even half as good a musician as John Legend. Not only does he write great songs, but his live performances are incredibly spot on. Maybe it’s because “Glory” has such a  personal significance to him and all that Martin Luther King has fought for that helped him sing with such strong emotion. The fight for equal rights still continues..You could feel the message of hope , the strength of his words and the power of conviction  as he sang. At the Oscars again, Legend had the audience in tears, overwhelmed with emotion. Music can do that to you..Music is a gift..and John Legend must’ve been a good kid because he’s really been truly blessed with an amazing ability to inspire with his voice.

I couldn't find a link to his Grammy performance so I've added a link to the song..It's worth a listen.

Which were your favourite Grammy performances? Let me know in the comments section below:)